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Jul 07, 2014


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It's always nice to have a little carrot to prod oneself along. I'm constantly reminding my husband that there are worse vices...book hoarding seems relatively benign! With the last leaving the nest this summer, I'm sure a good clean out is in my future but I'm hoping to hang on to my books a bit longer :) Good for you and that wonderful "light" feeling.


I hate it when I make deals with myself. I usually break the contract and then what? Neither of me can afford a lawyer.

I hope you get the book and soon.


Oh, Linnie! I love to "see" you here! I've been remiss and took until now to respond to you. Why do I make deals with myself in the first place? That's what I'd like to know. I wish I were more pragmatic - if I want to read, then read. If I want to eat, then eat. If I want to pack, then pack. But, no.

I'd be the worst kind of parent, bargaining and pleading. I know that even without a toddler or teen. I yearn to be resolute but I haven't the discipline. This is the truth of me. My mind is wild and runs amok over the hills and through the dale.

I'm still packing books a week later. I have taken at least 20 boxes to donate already but my new deal is that I need to read no less than 2, maybe three books before I can have the Knausgaard. At this point, it wouldn't be difficult to convince me that Knausgard is Norwegian for "carrot on stick".


Cat, I will tell you what is happening. Kindle. The Kindle is happening and it is shrinking my piles of books. Don't get me wrong, I do love, truly love the printed page. I like to feel the surface of the paper at my fingertips, I like to hear the whisper of a page turning. I like to see the spines all in a neat line on my bookshelf, or in a heap on my nightstand, or in a line on the shelf with books heaped on top.

Yes! There are worse vices. What if I were a compulsive crook, or drank myself silly day after day and were too compromised to read? I fell in love with reading and I've fallen in love with a reader. I wouldn't have it any other way. It provides me with the company I want to keep. You, and Linnie and innumerable friends near and far.

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