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Jun 25, 2014


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Wow - those be crazy food visualizations. I like Pip's look on her face - it's like "YOU BETTER NOT BE TAKIN' MAH MELON, WOMAN!"


She hasn't quite laid waste to the melon bed, but she is a very regular visitor and it shows.


Okay I followed the link and it seemed to me that all those people were laughing so this could all be a joke or an attempt to willfully create a modern-day myth of some kind. Also you might want to check out a tv series called Touch because I can't make any sense of that either. But I love the image with arrows and words on it (good job 'berta) and I think you should get Pip a job in Hollywood, such expression.


Linnie, they all looked so happy to be doing science-y things and I just wanted to belong for a second. I'm just proud of myself for knowing that half of an 1/8th inch is a 1/16th but don't ever ask me to multiply a fraction.

I looked up Touch. Doesn't that Jack Bauer fellow get around, though? I'm quite fond of the term God Sequence and Righteous Ones. They bring to mind the Tom Perotta book, The Leftovers which I would very much like to read especially after Michael ploughed through it and thought it worth the read.

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