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Jun 09, 2014


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Mary Wachsmann

Oh my gosh, you made me laugh so hard I actually choked. That was amazing. Such a great read. You should submit this for publication. Others must know. And thank you for the tremendous laugh. I really, really needed that.


After reading this, I did a little internet search and found this: "Ladies in the high society of China once made black dye from dark eggplant skins and used it to
stain their teeth to a black luster, a fashionable cosmetic use."


Holly, That. Is. Wild. I can attest to the efficacy of eggplant skin as dye. I think it strange that black teeth would/could be fashionable but even today people do weird things with their teeth (e.g., grills).

I'm going to re-season the cast iron before using it again and find a different eggplant recipe. It's a disappointment that my beautiful purple teardrop went to waste.


Mary, I'm always so glad to see you're still reading. We laughed about the stew, too. What else can you do besides laugh about it and write about it? It's not worth crying over and it's a lesson, of some sort, learned.


yeah...my recommendation would be that anything acidic shouldn't be stored in the cast iron pot. I've made spaghetti sauce in a cast iron pan before, and it's definitely darker than when I make it in the stainless steel pans, and that's just cooking something for maybe half an hour.

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