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Jun 26, 2014


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Max goes nuts when he sees horses on the television. If they trotted by our house I don't think he could survive the stress so really Beagle is doing well. Carrying around eggs really? That should be on Youtube maybe.

Arrow is adorable threading through the tomato plants. It seems to me that small is definitely a plus in a garden dog.


He's my little garden weasel, all six pounds of him. I wonder if I could teach him to hunt truffles and live part of the year across the sea during truffle season, if there is one, which I imagine would have to be in the spring and summer, or even fall.

Let's do it, Linnie! Let's tether our hounds and cross the ocean and fill our baskets with forest treasures (sounds better than fungi, am I right?). I'll photograph the days and you write the memoir.

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