Tale From The Culinary Crypt
See Mother Nature Flash & Dance!

Does anyone remember this girl? She's our feral that gorged on handouts until it was time to give birth, then she snuck off — on St. Paddy's Day — to have a litter of kittens somewhere else. Somewhere else so that I would never have the pleasure of seeing the litter of who knows how many kittens.



As you can tell from her girth, the photo above is pre-litter. She came back two days later exhausted and thin as a rail. She continues to visit but still looks bone thin. I've always referred to her offspring as The O'Shaughnessy's and imagine a bowler wearing litter of six or so black and white kittens huddled in a hole somewhere, surrounded by clover.

It is now three months later and I've had my first sighting. It's definitely CC's - it's the spitting image of her. It is just now old enough and brave enough to follow her for an outing. It was bowler free and looked more like a MacGuffin than an O'Shaughnessy if you ask me. We played a furious game of tag this morning and it's fairly adept at hide and seek.

Michael was the one to spot it. It was huddled under my car. When I went to look, it climbed up and into the engine. I opened the hood and caught it by its tail but couldn't maneuver well with one hand propping up twenty-five pounds of Subaru so I had to let it go. The kitten fled and I followed it into the bushes at the end of my driveway.

I'm sure I did the work of a hundred bees, shaking the pollen from a thousand creamy flowers. I was disappointed at losing sight of the baby so soon but still, so glad to have seen it at all.


IMG_4206Could it be?


IMG_4210Baby O'Shaughnessy


IMG_4207or is it a MacGuffin?


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cutes! Good luck with the trapping and fixing. :)

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