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Jun 14, 2014


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Hormworms! They are attacking my plants as well- the chickens think they make tasty treats :)


Toni, I rarely see hookworms but I'm sure that is in part to their excellent camouflage. The hens probably do a fair job at pest control when they sneak over the fence. I wonder if your hens have access to your garden or if you bring the hookworms to them?


I think I have some hornworm somewhere on one of my tomato plants. I will have to make an effort to look for it. I usually spend my time looking for queen, monarch, and swallowtail caterpillars instead of the hornworms because I'd rather find those ones instead...


It is amazing that something so big can manage to remain so hidden!


Debra, I'm glad to see a new visitor here. Thank you for commenting! Yes, they really blend in well. I think to myself if there's 1 hornworm, there's got to be another somewhere but I just can't see it/them.

Last year my garden was plagued with leaf-footed bugs - hundreds upon hundreds of them. This year I've seen a few stink bugs but that's about it. Eventually, as the weather continues to warm, the insects will increase, but for now we're doing pretty good.

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