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Jan 17, 2014


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Bwah ha ha! Arrow looks so cute!


He pretty much lets you do anything to him. At least he used to. He's getting a little more impatient these days. I'm going to save up my pennies and get him a proper haircut one day.

Lori Hoch

He's so adorable!!


OMG I turn my back for one minute-- well maybe 3 months or something-- and you have an insanely adorable new puppy! I can't even imagine all that I've missed in your life. But I slipped into a hole in the space/time continuum and am currently fighting my way out. Another couple weeks should do it. Is that a poodle? Epic cuteness.

Also I totally get that surge of kitchen domesticity. Fortunately it doesn't last and the leftover food is nice.


LINNIE!!!! I can hardly tell you how happy I am to hear from you. I was worried Tillie had doused you with wallpaper paste and you were stuck to your kitchen wall with a sheet of Aurora draped over you. I'm so glad that hasn't happened - at least you didn't mention that happening.

Then I thought you might've started a super secret second blog somewhere and were spending your time elsewhere. Then I thought that you are probably working on a garden book and that would be terrific!

The new dog, Arrow who is also known around these parts as George Washington's Wig isn't a puppy at all. I think he has the Benjamin Button disease and he just looks like a pup. His vet is guessing he is a young adult, maybe 1 or 2? It's hard to believe that something that cute and young could actually be suffering from kidney failure but it's true. He's my little joy machine and I love him.

Please, please please consider printing this out and carrying it with you at all times:


Well you are right that wallpaper paste is dangerous. But then I can't use Scotch tape without it constricting a finger. I love your wiggy dog with the BButton disease, so sweet and of course you have rescued him and he will know only love forever you dear human you. Sorry I've been elusive (I get the message from Moonbeam & her card!). My blog has been knocking on my mental door and your comment seems to have reminded me to write again-- I'm kind of excited about it suddenly so stay tuned. xo L

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