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Sweater Weather

In Which Good Thoughts Might Travel Through Time And Space

I find that I read more on cold days. It makes sense. Who wants to be outside bundled and ducking the wind when the warmth of the kitchen or sofa beckon? I am nearly done with The Goldfinch (80% according to the Kindle) but read very little over the weekend. Instead, I made sure to get out on both Saturday and Sunday because the weatherman promised warm weather and he did not disappoint. Besides, I had Princess Leia to tend to.

Princess Leia belongs to a co-worker that is away for a week. Princess Leia is an Americauna. Princess Leia is sick. I took her so I could see if there was anything I could do to help her. I read about a homeopathic remedy for Mareks - if that's what she has - that might help a lot. Or, not at all. Hypericum dissolved in distilled water, ten drops by mouth twice daily.

I take her out and keep her away from the other hens. She totters and pecks and blinks in the sun. She doesn't seem too stressed out about her new surroundings. Arrow is delighted to have a houseguest. He would be a bed and breakfast keepers dream, that dog. He knows how to welcome, unlike Agnew, who had his sights on Princess Leia from the beginning. I'm learning he collects hens the way little boys collect rocks. He covets them.

I had no idea he was fixed on her until yesterday when he jumped the fence like some half-crazed stallion running full bore across the landscape. He was making a beeline towards the girl. Poor thing must have felt about to be pounced on with Agnew approaching from one direction and me the other ready to break up the coupling about to take place. He threw a wing down and two-stepped, his signature move. The little hen just sat looking dazed.

I don't know what to do for her. I've bathed her, medicated her, fed her yogurt and raw egg all to no avail. She seems no better, nor worse for my doting. Now it's cold again. I have her in a crate on the back landing until I go to work and have to move her to the bathroom, a gloomy, solitary confinement for man or beast.

I'll come home tonight and check on her.  Arrow will stand with his paws resting on the edge of the tub looking at his new friend - because everybody is his friend. We'll let her stretch her wings. I wish she knew we were all rallying for her. I wish she knew that across this state and into another, her family was thinking of her and hoping for the best. I'd like to think good thoughts can travel through time and space and that these loving thoughts will lift her up and make her better and whole again.


PrincessPrincess Leia


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We once had a duck that didn't look like she'd make it. My mother gave her mint tea though she could barely lift her head to drink it. She miraculously recovered. I wonder if it might help Princess Leia.


The tea was made with fresh mint leaves. I think it was peppermint.

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