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Happiest of New Years To You All

First things first - Happy New Year 2014! I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends Wednesday morning for First Breakfast, the first of what I hope becomes an annual tradition. I organized as best I knew how but, truth is, I'm a greenhorn at playing hostess. Katina assured me that worrying was not necessary, people really just want to be fed. They want quiche and buttermilk pancakes and hash browns and coffee.

For all of the fretting on my part, I couldn't believe that when Michael and I said our last goodbyes and walked back into our empty house, I actually beamed at him and said, "That was fun! Let's do it again next year!"

I don't know what 2014 will bring. January is the month of optimism, anything might happen in 2014. Anything good is a possibility. I never think the worst will happen, I imagine a re-emergence, a second, third, or fiftieth chance to get things right.

But what is right? I ask myself. Life is a flawed weave, a masterful imperfection. Things don't always go as one might have planned but things do continue to "go" and turn out the way they will. Then, the challenge is to go with it. To go with not having enough, to go with having excess, to go with misfortune and prosperity. What part of us will shine through? Grace. Generosity. Miserliness. Anger. Joy. Gratitude. The manner in which we court the days ahead will reveal who we are and set the stage for the days to come.

I have no doubt that you will be honorable and sincere individuals, full of love with little use for anger. You are beautiful, the whole lot of you and to you I wish all of the best this sweet little world has to offer.


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Always such beautiful sentiments when I stop by. I wish you a beautiful, joyous New Year filled with grace and love. ♥


Cat, Happy 2014 to you! I am so glad that you've followed Mulish for so long. Thank you.

Annie in Austin

Wishing the best to you in 2014, Roberta - thanks for all the words.



Thank you Annie and it is my sincere pleasure.

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