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Happiest of New Years To You All

The Mule Turns Two

Can you believe it? Christmas is over and Mulish & Co. has turned two. Overall, I am very happy with the blog. Predictably, it started out with a bang, gained momentum, lost momentum, and gained it again.

My blog is not groundbreaking, not necessarily a must-read for garden or poultry news (or any other news for that matter). Still, it fits. Like a favorite pair of Levi's years after the tags have been cut and a few washings have softened them. I'm comfortable here. It's a way to keep track of my life in the Lone Star State.

I don't have plans to do anything different. I wouldn't mind doing a little housekeeping, tidy the joint up a bit but really, that's about it. I think we all know that Arrow will be regular around here. He's the only dog in the house that will look squarely into the lens, completely unabashed. The other two guard their souls and look away whenever I take aim. It's no matter. I wouldn't have it any other way. They are who they are through and through.

I do not have the discipline to have regular "features". All of life's little events will have to suffice. The day Ida, our Americauna finally lays will be big news. We check the nestbox daily for a blue shelled egg and then turn and ask, "When, Ida? When?". Our New Year Day First Breakfast might be blogworthy. I'm looking forward to having friends stop by and stuffing them to the gills on the first day of the year. We'll see how we fare with only two functional burners. A new stove would be blogworthy. It's not likely, but a girl can dream can't she?

Speaking of dreams, I've got to say, I never dreamed that I would have the loyal few that follow Mulish. The good readers that stop by and check on my little "homestead" on the edge of town. Just knowing that you are there is a comfort. Your kindness touches me more deeply that you could know. Let's keep going, shall we?


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Blanca Madriz

I'm glad that Arrow found such a great forum to let the worlm appreciate how adorable he is! I also love reading this - it's *almost* like catching with you. :)


Blanca! I just want to say that your feral cats are much more appreciative than our feral cat. They have very good manners. We blew through all of the Fancy Feast, btw.


Happy Blogiversary!


Thank you, Katina! I wish I was more ambitious and could follow your lead by having 2 blogs but this is all I can handle. I always think of blogs I'd like to start.

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