Who's On Top?

After working my halfday on Saturday, I came home and Michael and I headed out to the nursery to pick up compost for the garden. I was exhausted and could have just as easily slept the rest of the day away. I roused myself because I knew that I'd already lost time  by not getting the garlic in and I really, really want to grow more garlic.

I love the soil yard at Natural Gardener. I wished I had worked my halfday there instead of in town. Some people have all the luck. I enjoy a little light banter. I always ask the hair stylist which is the most popular celebrity hairstyle at the moment; Saturday I asked which was the most popular compost. The soilman told me that it was undoubtedly the Revitalizer, "It's all in the marketing I guess. People love the name."

My garden needs to be revitalized but I'll pass on the popular stuff and stick with turkey. That stuff is "black gold" as the Clampetts would say, but I'm not talking oil, I'm talking nitrgogen. My plants love turkey compost and thrive in it. We came home with eight bags and I'm already planning on making another trip for another eight. Oh, to have a truck. One load. Done. Maybe in another life.

The black-eyed peas have been turned under, the cucumbers have been clipped and composted and the new compost mixed in. We're going to have a beautiful garden this fall and winter. I can already see it. Garlic, chard, lettuce and beets in the large bed; carrots, more lettuce and brocolli in the smaller beds. They will be full and productive. It will be worth the painful elbow, the stiff back, the creaky knee. In three months time I won't even remember the pains of today. I'll stop by the grocery after working my halfday and walk past the produce knowing that I have fresher, better food at home in my backyard.


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And here I have a list of what to do, but I just haven't started it yet because I really don't want to start. If I start, it means I have to finish. And that just seems like so much work when I've got the livestrong bike challenge and vacations and what have you. I mean really, I only have like a weekend or something equivalent to rip out plants, add compost, turn in the compost, plant plants and hope that everything will grow. I'm so bad at this gardening thing...


But you're not bad at it! For starters, you're my go to person when I have any doubt or questions and you are so creative. Carving out a time to garden is tough. I do it so Michael has an abundance of lettuce. He's like a 200 pound rabbit and I have to keep him fed.

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