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Back Home

I'm back from Santa Fe. It was a quick trip and I thought I'd have a little time to reflect once I came home but instead, I became fixated on photos and videos and audio recordings that I made. I posted a very, very short video in the last post but the YouTube ad embedded in the video is too distracting. I started a Vimeo account and will repost it through Vimeo tonight.

As for Santa Fe, it was good to see family, brothers and sisters and cousins that I hadn't seen in forever. Decades. It was good to see my mom, too. I haven't seen her since Michael and I moved away twelve or thirteen years ago.

The rental car allowed me to spend a day by myself wandering the city. The funeral was really beautiful and I would have missed out on so much if I'd stayed at home. I'm reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and it gave me a little courage. She speaks of the courage that it takes just to show up. It doesn't seem like much but someties it takes everything you've got to do just that. I didn't think the book would have a lot to offer but it received such good reviews and I can see why now that I've started it.

More later. I'm getting back into the routine of things.



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I loved the movie.


Thank you, Linnie. I wonder if you could see the entire thirty seconds of it. It will no longer play for me and I'm not sure why?

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