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Jun 23, 2013


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I only had four larger tomatoes and they never ripened. The birds picked at them and the cherry tomatoes had a weird center. I always ate them to be polite to them, like I loved them because they were mine, but I admired the store bought or CAS cherry tomatoes that were raised from better pedigree. We should talk! :)


Oh dear woman, we should talk! Had I known you had a poverty of tomatoes I would have brought you a bagful. We reaped armfuls this year. I am about to move on to black eyed peas. It will be my first year growing them. The hardest part will be pulling up the tomatoes vines to make room! Thank you for reading and commenting!


Best tomato primer EVER!! I got a virus on my yellow pear tomatoes...so wierd, and I had never had it before. It was a slow ugly death. I appologized as I watered in the mornings. All they wanted to do was grow.... disease is such an ugly thing. I should be drowning in tomatoes and squash...but the pests and Eerrrdeerrs (evil doers aka squirrells) have left me impoverished.


I've never had a great haul of tomatoes...I also only grow heirlooms, and I don't fertilize enough...I really need to have a ceremonial cleaning out of the beds and laying of compost.


I'm planning on clearing out my tomatoes early this year but I won't be adding compost right away. I plan on putting the black eyed peas in the tomato bed and I hear that they do really well in poor soil. I am also going to pull up the peanuts soon (a week or two) and I'll put black eyed beans there, too.

This will be the first year that I've had very bad luck with basil. They grew ok and looked ok for awhile but a lot of the leaves have black spots on them.


Beautiful harvest! And thanks for sharing the primer; I'm bookmarking it. Squirrels have been my tomatoes' demise this year. I think for fall I'm going with smaller tomatoes and putting out food for birds/squirrels. Congrats on the peanuts!

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