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Summer Garden Meal, Part 1

OreganobundleI made a beautiful meal for myself of fresh made pasta topped with herbs from the garden. It was so simple, so perfect that I promised myself to share it with you. So tonight, after work, I have plans to post the pasta dough recipe - wait, wait, come back!!! It's simple, really it is.

Then I'll follow up the rest of the week with how to grow each of the ingredients. That's the plan. That's my rough outline. I wondered to myself last night if it wasn't the best meal that I'd ever made myself. It was definitely the freshest. The hens provided the eggs for the dough. And I was able to splurge on really good olive oil because I was lucky enough to find a $3 off coupon for a big bottle of Lucini. I'd like to think that I would be discerning enough to be able to recognize fine olive oil in a blind taste test but I probably couldn't. It was fun just to know that it was available to me. Rarely do I splurge on the finer things without some sort of justification. The coupon was just what I needed to let myself indulge.


HomegrownHere are the ingredients. Pretty much all of them I think. From top left to right: Inchelium garlic, herbs (chives & oregano), semolina pasta. Bottom row, left to right: more chives, asparagus and Homestead Heirloom Tomato.

I'll meet you back here tonight! I'm looking forward to giving you a little more in depth information on each of the *jewels from the garden.

*I just had a wonderful image of a woven crown made from the herbs and interspersed with small golden tomatoes, garlic cloves, a thin asparagus spear woven in and a few okra flowers here and there. How pretty would that be? Sure, a little "aromatic" due to the garlic but still...Martha Stewart is going to be so jealous when she learns that I thought of making garden produce wreaths before she did.


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