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Jun 25, 2013


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I love your imagination! At least print out this post and mail it to him...I know he will love it. You will make him giggle/ chuckle or what ever ex Presidents do when they are happy.


I agree with Sharon!! Then enjoy those peanuts yourself.


Thank you for the encouragement, you two! I think I will take a picture of the whole pile when I pull them up and send him the photo with a note, too :)


That's it, a photo.
And I'm so impressed. I'd love to grow peanuts but I suppose they would mold.


If I have impressed you, Linnie, then my work here is done. You seem to garden effortlessly, or maybe you just don't complain and groan and air your grievances as loud as I do. Every photo of your garden I see leaves me shaking my head. This just isn't the climate for deep, lush foliage. And yes, I think I will yank my goobers from the soil and photograph them with their surprised expressions on their nutty little faces.

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