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May 01, 2013


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I planted a Sugar Baby watermelon last year, and it actually produced several mature melons (5-6). The tricky part was figuring it out when they were ripe, so all but one got picked too early...but that one was delicious. Hope yours gives you that unforgettable melon!


Amy, I was surprised to see a selection of seed packs from Seeds of Change tucked away at HEB. They had a good selection and I couldn't resist trying a different variety. Thank you for the encouragement. I have a good feeling about this (though it could just be the cold front moving in ;) )


I hope you have good luck with the melons - I haven't...but I think it's because all of the melons have split around the time when they were ready to pick. I can tell you that Timmy the Opossum really liked them.

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