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Mar 06, 2013


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"Come to my garden, with your shovel, so we can plant some shit!" Man, this guy is on top of it. I wish he were my neighbor.

Gardening is THE best in terms of food, art, lifestyle, healthy activities, a healthy mind... It's my main drug.

Thanks Roberta!


I'm glad that you enjoyed this. He's such an inspiration. I AM "the let's sit in a comfy chair and talk about this for a bit" person he was talking about. He just picks up a shovel and gets to it. I wish he were my neighbor, too. I seem to make obstacles for myself instead of work through obstacles. They become insurmountable in my mind and then I do nothing. Man, maybe I need to send him a letter!


If I were to start a second garden blog, perhaps one about guerrilla gardening, I would call it "Gangsta with a shovel."

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