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Mar 05, 2013


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Dude - you totally should write to Jimmy Carter. He probably doesn't get much mail these days and would probably appreciate it.


You made me laugh. Write the Osmonds indeed. :-)


I know, right? But where would I send it? The lack of an address is the only thing stopping me. There are a number of people that I'd like to write to. I'm going to start a list. In my head.


I feel a new project coming on: writing to public figures for garden advice. If I write to Jimmy Carter and he writes back I'm going to scan the letter and post it.


Oh this was a very sweet read indeed. Did you ever try the okra oven roasted? No slime or boogers....and boy is it good!
Thank you for writing these beautiful notes.... I always feel richer for having read them.


This made me smile. :-)

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