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How To Plant Peanuts by Jimmy Carter - Yes, THAT Jimmy Carter

It's funny what friends can spur us to do. Not in a creepy peer pressure kind of a way but more along the lines of inspiration. We're different people when we're with others. Our minds simply engage in a different way than when we're alone.

And gardeners are a funny lot; all of us. We seem to want it both ways - the company of others and the solitude that our gardens offer. We have community gardens and meet ups and we go on garden tours together but the next day we will want to trundle off to our own green space and get lost in our own minds. Being alone in our gardens, that's when the real work gets done. That's when we can heave and ho and grunt and dare. We don't have anyone lifting an eyebrow and casting doubt. We can sit doing nothing and that's okay, or we can rip out a long established rose bed that for some inexplicable reason we feel is out of whack with our own personal feng shui. Being alone in the garden frees us from the company of a lesser person bent on micromanaging us.

Still, there is a place for others in this semi-private realm of ours that we call gardening. I would never have thought to plant peanuts had it not been for fellow gardener Katina, for example. And had I not considered the idea of planting peanuts, I would not have written to President Jimmy Carter. And if I had not written to Jimmy (we're on a first name basis, you know) I would not have received the glorious honor of having had him respond to my request for advice on growing peanuts.

We're all in this together, you and me and Katina and Jimmy. We can all inspire and give in even the smallest of ways. You might think that telling someone that the best time to sink peanut seeds is in May is inconsequential, but it might mean a whole lot to the person receiving the advice. And who knows why? For the advice? For the connection? For the acknowledgment that your endeavor is worthy and matters even if it is just  a mere kitchen garden? Who knows why connections matter. They just do.

And now for you, the letter. Thanks for planting the idea of peanuts in my head, Katina.



Bonus Track: Thank U Falletinme Be Myself Again


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Jimmy Carter is my new favorite president because he is awesome and writes back to lowly gardeners.

Also - this is so freaking cool. You going to frame it?


I am most definitely going to frame it. I just don't know where to put it yet.


My Stars! Can I have your autograph!?!?! That is wonderful! You certainly made his day.


Unbelievable. And probably excellent advice. There better be some peanuts growing out there soon!


Oh, there will be peanuts. Only thing is that I planted them too early. The peanuts and the okra both. And then I lost my patience with the kohlrabi, yanked it and fed it to the hens who adored it. I'm pulling and yanking everything these days. Out with the old, in with the new as JC would say - Jimmy Carter, of course, not the other JC whom I have NOT received any sort of communique.


+1 to your last comment. Where's the "clickety clack the like" button? Sorry...you probably don't watch the Philly D Show and therefore don't get the reference, but still... I like your comment about JC.

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