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A New Season Is Upon Us

Goodbye, Standard Time

Standard Time has come and gone. Now, Daylight Savings Time is upon us with its long days leaking into the night. I can't fight the compulsion to do weird math. I subtract an hour all day long reminding myself of the "real time" because I don't accept change all that well. It's 7:45 (but really, it's 6:45) and I can still see the silhouettes of the trees as I write this. The days will only get longer from here on out.

PoppiesPoppy at The Baha'i Center in East Austin

Ladybug seasonI predict there will be A LOT of ladybugs this year

Michael and I enjoyed one of those weekends with each other that I wouldn't trade for anything. It wasn't spectacular, mostly just a matter of good food and the ease of being with someone you really want in your life. We floated through the weekend, leisurely preparing dinner and then watching a good movie. On Sunday we cruised a nearby neighborhood and community garden and then later we strolled through our own neighborhood.

LemonslicesMeyer Lemon Slices


Lemon_potaotesLemon cooking with potatoes

I coddled Tiny Monster who seemed to be under the weather. He must have been because he let me put him in just about any position and then stayed that way long enough for me to snap his picture. The only time he fussed even a little was when I layed him out on the picnic table and started to arrange flowers over him as if he were dead. He was still until the flower part. Michael must have thought that I was going a little too far because he left me alone with my morbid little diversion.

PlaydeadPlay Dead, Tiny. Tiny? Tiny?!

I got mint and a pepper plant plant in the ground. We ate guacamole and chips. I wrote this and now it's nearly time for bed. That is the way of Daylight Savings Time.


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You are very fortunate to have someone to share your life with. I'm so glad you cherish it.

Gradually you'll adjust to the change of time. I can empathize 'cause I don't do well with changes either.


Thank goodness Tiny was only playing dead. He's a good actor.


Laura, I"m mostly glad that Michael has the temperament that he has. Very easy going and flexible. Of for something or nothing. I grew up in a family where the men could be unpredictably angry and violent. You could never guess what set them off in some cases. My goal in life was to be as far away from that as possible. I do cherish every day of this life of mine.


Tiny is a very, very good actor. If I had rooster sized formal attire I'd dress him up and play Oscar Night with him. He'd be in the running for Best Actor of course and I'd make sure he won!

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