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Mar 10, 2013


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You are very fortunate to have someone to share your life with. I'm so glad you cherish it.

Gradually you'll adjust to the change of time. I can empathize 'cause I don't do well with changes either.


Thank goodness Tiny was only playing dead. He's a good actor.


Laura, I"m mostly glad that Michael has the temperament that he has. Very easy going and flexible. Of for something or nothing. I grew up in a family where the men could be unpredictably angry and violent. You could never guess what set them off in some cases. My goal in life was to be as far away from that as possible. I do cherish every day of this life of mine.


Tiny is a very, very good actor. If I had rooster sized formal attire I'd dress him up and play Oscar Night with him. He'd be in the running for Best Actor of course and I'd make sure he won!

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