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Mar 14, 2013


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Surprisingly, I don't use any RSS feed readers to do my blog reading (I honestly just go to my blog and then click on all the links of 'recently updated' blogs).

API - Application Programming Interface...it's like a library I think - So let's say people are programs (but corporations aren't people), and libraries are libraries. A person owns a library, and opens it so others can go to it as well, but what happens when that owner decides they don't want to run that library any long and so he shuts it down? The people that have been visiting will need to either find a new library or build their own.


I, too, don't use a reader. I Google "Mulish & Co" and click on your listing. I use other people's blog lists to click on the blogs I like or I Google the name of the blog, like I do yours. Honestly, I don't actually know what "RSS" stands for and although I tried to subscribe to a blog (Wabi-Sabi Home) one time by clicking on the RSS feed.--I didn't do it right because I never got fed. :-(

Nina Potts

I don't use an rss reader either. So it sounds like everyone is safe?

I have two bookmark bar folders. One titled "fun" and one titled "read this", then I just go through them every day or two as I feel like it. I've considered how sad it is to have a folder titled "fun", as if I'm reminding myself to have fun. But then again, I have a bottle titled Xanax (which does have xanax, not candy), so theres that.

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