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The Doomed Frittata

I was going to share a Tofu Panko with Curry Sauce recipe with you but I thought I would venture into Frittata territory this morning. It took longer than I thought because the idiot part of my brain was wrestling with the brainier part of my brain and Michael had to referee.

I watered the garden, fed the chickens and cut some cilantro for the aforementioned frittata. I minced my ginger, cut up the leeks and rinsed the portabellas. I located the curry; an essential in our kitchen. I whisked several eggs, six, and added half and half when the recipe called for skim milk. Seriously, skim milk?! Pshaw!

Then the idiot in me decided this crustless concoction would be best baked in a tart pan - the kind with the free bottom. I scooped my curried leeks and mushrooms into the tart pan and poured the creamy eggs over it. Ta da! Then....the pooling of raw egg began. The seeping.

Now the brainier part of my brain is often prepared for worst case scenarios and was thoughtful enough to have recommended placing the egg filled tart pan onto a cookie sheet. This helped immensley. It made me happy, it made Michael happy.

I don't know if the frittata turned out the way a frittata is supposed to turn out because it's the first one I've ever made and I don't know that I've ever eaten one before. Maybe I have and thought it was quiche. But this is the story of why I did not share the recipe from last night's marvelous Tofu Panko with Curry.




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no guarantees, but I think the difference between a frittata and a quiche is that frittata doesn't have a crush while quiche does.

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