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Feb 06, 2013


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Looks like it's about $50 cheaper on Amazon, if that helps. ;-) D has a Canon Powershot (I forget which, though) and I'm kinda pissed because I think it takes clearer shots than my Lumix. It's a bit fatter, though easier to hold onto because of that - and has good anti-shake compensation, which D seriously needs!


The camera is on my Amazon Wish List - which, by the way, is my new favorite thing. I have a very dynamic list. It changes weekly. I love that I can look up friend's wish lists with their email address and I encourage them to maintain one so that I have a clue as to what to give for holidays and birthdays.

I remember when you bought your Lumix. I was going back and forth between a Lumix and a Canon and I bought the Canon. I love Canon and I know that they have a really good macro lens on their compacts. The G15 has a ND filter (neutral density) that can be useful. I like that it is a bit bulkier than the standard point and shoot. I think that it is about as good as it gets without going whole hog and buying a DSLR. It's coming to me soon. I can feel it in my bones :)


My mom gave me money a few years ago to buy a new point and shoot (I'm not a fan of my current one). I still haven't bought anything...instead I just use my actual fancy camera.


My fancy camera is pre-digital :(
The point & shoot I have now has served me well. I use my cameras a lot and am ready for a new one. I think I will finally get an iPhone next time I renew my ATT contract. I like the camera on that too.

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