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I don't know what it is that makes me feel like I am waking to an hourglass newly turned, the sand falling eagerly to the lower chamber. I'm sure coffee doesn't help to slow me down any but, I went for two days without it and felt as if I'd been hit by a truck - my head and body ached. I was slow and sluggish. A steady infusion of caffeine fixed that mess but I do feel like I am constantly running out of time.

To exacerbate things, the asparagus refuses to wait for me. I've been telling myself that it's time to rake the straw from the top of its bed. I halfway convinced myself that the asparagus would abstain from poking its head through the surface of the soil until I'd done so. It didn't, of course, it came through anyways. Then I raced to rake the straw away. I did it before I flew off to the vet clinic yesterday to put in my 6+ hours (it's not much but it feels like an eternity).

Do I get to eat the asparagus this year? I planted them as one year-old crowns last year. In my mind, that makes them two years old this year. I don't understand the waiting for three years before harvesting asparagus. I recently read, and was reassured, that it is okay to harvest the year after planting. This is contrary to everything that I've read before but I like it. Thank you, Ohio!

In other news, an intense desire for this camera has gripped my soul - the Canon G15. I sent a tweet out to Canon suggesting that they entrust me with one of their fine cameras but they must be shy as they did not reply. That's okay. I'll strategize. The longing will build character and make me more resourceful somehow.

Well, it looks like the sand in the hourglass has almost filled the bottom chamber. Off I go, into the rain, into the world.


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Looks like it's about $50 cheaper on Amazon, if that helps. ;-) D has a Canon Powershot (I forget which, though) and I'm kinda pissed because I think it takes clearer shots than my Lumix. It's a bit fatter, though easier to hold onto because of that - and has good anti-shake compensation, which D seriously needs!


The camera is on my Amazon Wish List - which, by the way, is my new favorite thing. I have a very dynamic list. It changes weekly. I love that I can look up friend's wish lists with their email address and I encourage them to maintain one so that I have a clue as to what to give for holidays and birthdays.

I remember when you bought your Lumix. I was going back and forth between a Lumix and a Canon and I bought the Canon. I love Canon and I know that they have a really good macro lens on their compacts. The G15 has a ND filter (neutral density) that can be useful. I like that it is a bit bulkier than the standard point and shoot. I think that it is about as good as it gets without going whole hog and buying a DSLR. It's coming to me soon. I can feel it in my bones :)


My mom gave me money a few years ago to buy a new point and shoot (I'm not a fan of my current one). I still haven't bought anything...instead I just use my actual fancy camera.


My fancy camera is pre-digital :(
The point & shoot I have now has served me well. I use my cameras a lot and am ready for a new one. I think I will finally get an iPhone next time I renew my ATT contract. I like the camera on that too.

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