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Germination Station

Germination station is in full swing, my friends. I sowed seeds in a Burpee seed starting cell-pack goody. There are 36 individual cells. I do this because it's easy. It's easy and I have a lazy bone. Since I am ashamed of my lazy bone, I also purchased seed starting medium that I picked up from Buck Moore. It's not the John Dromgoole stuff, no, it's the stuff that Wybo mixes. (He used to have a website but it's no longer up and running so I'm not able to share it with you). I've used his mix before and seeds love that stuff.

I filled the Burpee contraption with Silverado Chard, Forellenschluss Lettuce, Touchstone Gold Beets, Ancho Peppers and Parris Island Cos - a romaine type lettuce. I'm a sucker for romaines and loose-leaf lettuce.

I cut my Red LaSoda potatoes and dusted them with sulphur. The problem with purchasing so few potatoes along with a bag of sulphur is that you end up with so much sulphur. I was told that it is an effective means of controlling chiggers so maybe the 4-lb. bag won't have been such a waste.

My thyme and oregano have been transplanted to terracotta planters and my wee Christmas cactus has been transplanted to a plastic hanging basket that I found empty on the side of the road. Speaking of which...I found a blue speckled enameled pot with a lid, mind you, after getting lost in a neighborhood off of Airport, behind Mueller, on my way to the farmer's market. And get this, you know the perforated pie tin that I was going on about? It fits perfectly - PERFECTLY - on top of the pot and under the lid.

I also found an aluminum baking dish that I have my sulphured potatoes sitting in until they're ready to go into the ground. Michael reminded me that we do not use aluminum cook ware in the house lest we forgot who we are and start bumping into walls five minutes after use. That's fine with me. I never intended my treasure to be a household item. I'm happy with using it outside for gardening.

You know it's a good weekend when the only downside is that the mushroom people weren't at the farmer's market and you couldn't find leeks. Sometimes going without can be a good thing. The longing builds. It will be at least another week until I tackle the frittata recipe that I found in this book. By the time I get everything together to make it, it will seem like the best frittata ever!




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