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Spinning In 2013

Well, we're done with that. 2012 has come and gone. I don't know what 2013 will bring and that's alright. I'm open to the unknown and am hesitant to make any promises to myself even, for fear that the year will become too forced and predictable.

My only intention is to tend. To take care of what needs taking care of, to be present. That's all I've got by way of resolutions.

I started early. Michael and I got the coop wrapped - an annual event that seems to get easier each year. We've got it down. The hens seem to like the extra shelter. They huddled together in the dryness yesterday and this afternoon. All except Mean Jo who withdrew. Always a sad sight when they pull away from the others; a sure sign that all is not well.

ItsawrapAll Wrapped Up

I went to see what her trouble might be. Her tail wasn't at quit the right angle. She was too easy to catch. The evidence was plain when I tilted her over. She'd laid an egg that broke inside her. It was soft shelled and she could not expel the thing. 

I took her in and soaked her in a bucket of warm water. She was surprisingly compliant making only a non-resistant coo. There was nothing wrong with her that a warm bath couldn't fix. After a brief blow dry she was out and about with the others.

MeanjoMean Jo

There it is. The new year, one day in. It's not so very different than last year. We're going to take this little blue marble for another spin around the big star and see what we can see and do what we can do. Smooth sailing to you all!


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Taking the little blue marble for a spin around the big star is one of the best images I've read in a long while... It's gonna be a good word year for you.


Whether I write them or read them, I think so too. A good word year. Yes.
It's funny that sometimes they are like timid deer that dash away at the slightest tremble of a leaf and other times they come bounding like a dog eager to greet their master.

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