Outside The Center
Saturday Afternoon

Nursery List

Things to pick up from the nursery:

  1. Savory, thyme & oregano to replace brittle twiglets that were killed by last frost.
  2. Plant food for lime tree. I'm gonna feed it like I'm raising geese for foie-gras.
  3. Red La Soda potataoes. I will not give up on my potato tower method of cultivation.
  4. Seeds for orange bell pepper. They're vitamin packed!
  5. Bone meal for new batch of beets. This is an experiment.

That's it. My garden challenge to myself this year is to see how far out into the warm months I can grow lettuce. I purchased lettony lettuce seeds from High Mowing and planted a few in a tray on Monday along with more Red Sails. I think the Red Sails prefers the cool months so this may be the last hurrah for those. The lettony is new to me.

Most of the things in my garden this year will be things that I failed at miserably and am determined to have success at. One of those things would be peppers. I have decided on orange bells and anchos ths year. That's it. In the past, I have grown beautiful plants but no fruit. If there was any  fruit to speak of it was shrunken and tiny and existed merely to mock me. This is the year that I show the peppers who's boss.

The potatoes may be a whole different ballgame this year since they will be spuds instead of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are a different animal altogether. I learned the hard way that you do NOT tower sweet potatoes. The traditional day to plant spuds around here is Valentines Day, February 14th.

I haven't talked about the tomatoes yet, I feel there is still plenty of time to mull over a plan of action regarding the red devils. I flirted with the idea of canning this morning while I was cleaning out the coop. I have big ideas while I clean out the coop, the way I do when I'm in the shower. It's a solitary meditative activity and can be relaxing in a weird way. For the record, Dorothy agreed with everything I said.Cleancoop


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