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Jan 04, 2013


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It must be the day for these types of thoughts. While vacuuming this morning I noted the scars all over the wood of the stairs and sighed impatiently. They frustrate me because they make the house look old and worn. Then my heart was pricked with conviction ... the house shows the wear of my family and children. And really, the scars are beautiful and reveal their boisterous personalities and days filled with laughter and silliness. I don't know that I'll ever be able to leave this house. Hugs to you and your sweet, old tea kettle.

Laura Munoz

This probably isn't the comment you wish to receive but could you use the tea kettle in some other capacity? Just because something is old and a little broken(like me) doesn't mean there isn't use left in it. Even something that dies (if humans don't fill it full of preservative) gives back to the earth in nutrients.

Could the kettle become a planter? A bird house? A receptacle for saved receipts or coupons? A holder of dog leashes? A watering can for a house plant? Could you paint a face on it and use it as the head to a scarecrow? (The nose could be the spout) Could it become a toad house? Okay, I'll shut up. ;-)

Grace Peterson

Funny how the things we use every day can become like family members and we don't appreciate them until they're gone or some other change ensues. It's okay. There are no rules. Just go with it. :)


I hope you are doing okay and didn't lose any of your dogs. I also hope you weren't telling us all goodbye. I miss your posts.

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