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Dec 18, 2012


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It's okay - my friend had a dream the other night that was so normal that she thought it had actually happened and so she checked with me to make sure it hadn't.

And I had a very similar dream the other night as well. So it's not just you who needs help, we all do.

Laura Munoz

Gosh, I don't know how to help. Triggers for the imagination are so different for each person. I actually think your four bullets above are pretty imaginative and funny. What kind of cereal do you suppose the Dali Lama would eat?


Laura, my guess is that he would like something with berries but I'd be happy to share a bowl of granola with him!


Katina, I have a memory from years and years ago that I've never been sure of. Dream or real? I do have my fair share of fantastic dreams and once in awhile a dream or sensation so frightening that I wake up from an intense pump of adrenalin and fear. I was watching C-Span this evening and it occurred to me that this might contribute to my very bland dream life tonight.


I have always heard that if you eat pickles right before you go to bed it will give you crazy dreams.... at least that's what Papaw always told me :)


But, I MADE granola this morning-- What can this mean?

Okay here's the deal: FOCUS on stuff a LOT at bedtime and you MIGHT dream about it. Especially plotlines. I really do dream elements of plotlines...

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