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Nov 30, 2012


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Just wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed the month of every day postings.


Thank you! I'm glad to hear that you followed along.


Well, I'm sorry to say that my November has been so rushed that I've missed your daily posts. I've barely posted once a week myself and miss reading blogs and posting to my own. I've started a part-time job in addition to my garden coaching business so I'm trying to find balance. Haven't found it much yet! Love that you're hopeful for two weeks of cold weather. I'm beginning to be a little doubtful but just when I am a big ole front will come through! Going to spend a little time catching up on your posts. Hope you enjoyed your weekend in the garden.


I didn't know you had a garden coaching business. I'd love to be a garden coach!

It was a perfect day to be in the garden. I bracketed the pvc hoops to the exterior of the raised beds. It's mostly done but needs some finishing touches.

I saw today that a broccoli floret has formed. It's the first broccoli that I've ever grown and I'm very excited!

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I hope you can find a few minutes in each day to slow down, center yourself and breath before moving on the next thing. Take care!

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