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Oct 22, 2012


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I sure do hope Slip is okay. :/


Dogs just break my heart-- healthy or not, puppies or elderly, they are so sincere and honest and devoted. I loved your story of homecoming--beautiful capture of the process and feelings. Kiss Slip on the nose for me please.

I need to visit the garden party site you wrote about earlier, news to me. (Note: I glanced at the post 'tags' for Oct 16 and read "Austin Asparagus" so now you have to create the recipe.)


Linniew said it really well.... you have a special gift to capture the feelings and process.... Sweet slip. Those turds are just too hard to resist. Stella's motto seems to be like the BlueBell one; 'Mom picks up all she can and I eat all the rest!' It is a race to gather the 'truffles'. I give her acidophulis when she has won the race and had too many. I love Slip's photo....what a sweet boy.


Well, Linnie, I do have a fantastic Asparagus Walnut Pesto recipe, and also a roasted Asparagus recipe that I serve up alongside baked tofu. I don't know if either can beat the spear I snapped out of the bed though.


Ah, this makes me miss living with dogs. But then I think of the vet bills I can't afford, even if I could have a dog in my current apartment, which I can't, and push it out of my mind. I expect some day I will again. For now I have to enjoy watching other people with their dogs - and yours.


I might not always leave a comment but I always enjoy the dog photos that you post on your blog, Leslee. They are so dear and they are all so different. The only time in my life that I didn't have a dog was when was in my early and mid 20s and I swore I'd never be without one again. There is no better company.

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