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May 01, 2012


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Hahahaha!! Oh my gosh, I just need to change the name of the offender! Very well done, Mulish mommy.


I don't know why she'd do that. She's usually so good about keeping to the own part of the yard. At least she doesn't dig everything up (knock on wood).


Turds in the garden... always horrible. The feral cats have taken to leaving diarrhea plops in my garden paths. Blarf!!


Oh, geez! I thought I had it bad. Something about your comment made me laugh though, as in a At Least I'm Not The Only One kind of way. Those are naughty cats. Probably all wormy. Beagle keeps the feral cats on the perimeter of our yard but I'm sure they sneak in from to time.


Yeah - every once in a while I'll be digging in my garden (which I do bare-handed) and then I find a present...ICK!

my mom has been trying to get her current dog to do her business on the east-side of the house (a location that no one ever walks to unless they are going to scoop poop). But this dog (unlike the last dog), will not do that. It has become a battle of wills. To the point where the dog with poop in the yard, my mom will go out with the shovel, pick up the offending turd and move it to the east side of the house. Inevitably, my mom finds the dog later in the day picking up said turd and moving it back to it's original location with a look on her face like 'no. i put it there and that's where it is supposed to be.'


This made me snort laugh out loud at the end of the day at work. How funny! Some dogs just know what they want and you can't argue with them.


Okra as a doily-- I have plants like that! Maybe Beagle thought she was helping with an application of fertilizer-- you know, something she heard about on tv? Looks like a smart dog...


Oh, but you are kind, Linnie. I'll make sure to read that to her. It took me 3 days to teach her "Down" so I don't know about smart but she is very sensitive. I have backup okra started in small pots just in case the doilies give up the ghost. The collards seem to have recovered nicely.

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