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Apr 27, 2012


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I also have a problem with thinning plants...that's the main reason I start a bunch of them in pots - so that I can separate them and plant all of them in the garden instead of having to specifically kill some. The only plant that I don't feel bad about is the beet - but that's because each seed will send up like 5 sprouts, and that's just ludicrous.


I was very judicious with my beet seeds this year and they came up in sparse little rows. Carrots are my thinning nightmare, the seeds are tiny so clumps of seedlings come up and they are cute! Plus, they are so innocent and unsuspecting - I don't even have to sneak up on them. I just stroke their little green heads for a minute and then YANK!


I always feel compelled to apologize to the plants that don't make the cut. "Sorry, sorry," [toss, toss] "you did great, it's not your fault. [toss, toss] Maybe I shouldn't be gardening.


I love them and curse them. Thank goodness they're not children, they'd bite their nails down to the quick and sit quivering in a corner. My timidity to thin paid off with the watermelons - it seems that one was gnawed at the base of it's formidable stem by a cutworm.

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