It's The Age of...Aging

The new blog design makes me feel like I've moved into a new studio apartment. It's all fresh and newly painted; things are the same but different. I still have a little kitchen with a junk drawer under the counter, a sunny spot by the window and a comfy bed, everything is just in a slightly different place. It took half of my vacation week to create and I only had to contact tech support once. With that said, welcome to the new redesign.

The vacation felt good and it allowed me to take a nice deep breath after finishing week eight with my running group. I reached 3.3 miles which felt like a huge accomplishment. Somewhere along the line I injured my hip which made the last run excruciating. When my running coach asked me if I wanted to turn around and go back I told her no, I wanted to run until I was too exhausted to think about the pain in my hip. And I did, then I went to a chiropractor for the first time in my life which was completely uneventful. There will be more on that later in the week when I return and we go over my xrays.

Speaking of which, my dear Baby dog also had to have some diagnostic imaging. That girl is 15 and up until recently has been as healthy as a horse. A miniature, toothless horse mind you, but healthy nonetheless. She started skipping meals, then she started throwing up but just a little. If I didn't work at the vet clinic I would never have even taken her to a doctor.

They found that her liver values were off the charts high. It could have been anything from acute toxicity to pancreatitis to a plugged bile duct. The ultrasound showed nothing to support her liver analysis, in fact, she looks great in there. Nice looking liver and kidneys, a few little spots on the spleen that I was reassured were not a problem. She absolutely did not eat sago palm, or chocolates or grapes or raisins. We're crossing our fingers that the milk thistle that her vet put her on will be enough to get things back to normal.

IMG_4670Baby lies belly up for her ultrasound

In a nutshell, those were the major life events of spring 2015. Oh, and I had a birthday. I talked to my brother once and my mother twice because she forgot that she already called the first time. At least I'm not that old, I thought to myself. But maybe I am. The dogs do not follow at my heels out of sheer devotion. No. It's because I so often forget whether or not I've filled their bowls with kibble and I could never, ever let them go hungry.

Birthday cardI hope birthday cards never go out of style

More Friday Favorite

I meant for the moth photo in the previous post to go up today, but I didn't think to schedule it so it went up right before I went down. I could have stayed up another 30 minutes and posted it right after midnight but I wanted to get into bed early, expecting to run today, not knowing that a storm would roll in and our run would be canceled.

I sat in my car with the engine idling, checking email before rolling down the drive. RUN CANCELED, the email read. I thought about running through my own neighborhood, but then I imagined getting struck by lightning and what that might feel like and having to fetch at least one shoe if it did happen. I think it's a given that at least one shoe, if not both, will fly off your feet if lightning strikes you.

I weighed the risk and pulled the key from the ignition. I decided to finish reading Wild instead. It would give me a feeling of accomplishment to finish something, a nice way to start my Friday. Now I am left with wondering what to read next. I'm in no hurry, something will turn up. I'll take this little lull as an opportunity to put in some Photoshop hours. I'm starting to accrue a collection of PS tutorials on YouTube so that I can apply some of the editing techniques to my photos.

I gathered up a few photos from Easter Sunday to share with you. Katina suggested we go to McKinney Falls and it was beautiful, the wildflowers had hit their mark and were everywhere. We took Beagle and Katina proved herself to be a dog handler extraordinaire, I didn't have to worry the hound tugging  at me while I took a few photos.

Besides the moth, here are a few more photos that I came home with: